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Two delicious salmon steaks frying on an induction hob

Character limit: 30. What makes induction great?

Character limit: 40. More powerful than other hobs, induction makes it easy to get whatever cookware you use intensely hot. So your salmon begins to crisp immediately. The technology is also incredibly responsive. You can precisely control the temperature and adjustments can be made with ease. So you can keep your fillets at full flakiness and full deliciousness.

Chicken roasted in an Electrolux steam oven

Character limit: 40. Game-changing chicken 

Character limit: 400. There's a way to get maximum flavour from your roast chicken. A method that'll make you wish it would last just one more mouthful. Each bite is a perfect complement of juiciness and crispiness. And every last morsel is packed with flavoursome nutrients and vitamins. For a healthier, tastier and memorable roast chicken, you need a combination of steam and heat.

A succulent steamed piece of chicken
An Electrolux steam oven
Made with a steam oven

Character limit: 80. Adding steam to your cooking makes your meat tenderer, your bread fluffier and your fish flakier.