With our range of connected appliances, Electrolux is focused in creating unique experiences for our consumers, whether that is delicious recipes and guidance to take your cooking to the next level or tips and customised care to keep your clothes looking fresher for longer. So feel more in control whether at home or elsewhere with monitoring, remote control, voice commands, images, and more in your connected Electrolux experience.

Hands in bowl and Google Assistant on countertop

A smart connected home

Connected appliances enhance the experience and convenience of your everyday tasks. The result is fresher, cleaner and tastier - with less effort. Electrolux is working with major global players such as Google and Amazon to ensure simple and seamless connection experiences. 

Discover our connected appliances - for an effortlessly smarter home. 



Enjoy more delicious food by getting the most out of your appliances with the My Electrolux App. Expand your culinary horizons with your steam oven. Plus, easily register your appliances, find tailored information and services, get in touch with Electrolux, download manuals and more.


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With the My Electrolux Care app, you can remotely control laundry appliances from your smartphone. Use the Care Advisor feature to get expert guidance on how to best clean your clothes. And with My Favourites, specific settings can be saved for the items you wear often.

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Come home to perfectly clean floors - discover a robotic vacuum cleaner with technology so advanced you can vacuum from anywhere.

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Intelligent solutions with our Smart Kitchen Experience

Get the most out of your experience by connecting your Electrolux appliances. Our smart products make your everyday tasks both easier and more convenient.

Remotely manage your appliances, explore our various partners such as Google Assistant, Innit and Smarter and get personalised assistance – everything with the My Electrolux Kitchen App.

The Smart Kitchen Journey

When you choose Electrolux you are buying more than just an appliance. Our innovative app features, help you achieve great taste and assist you through the kitchen journey.

Be inspired and cook to perfection by finding recipes and expanding your cooking repertoire through our partnerships. You can connect your smart kitchen appliance with the Innit app and use the Google Assistant voice control when your hands are dirty to control your appliance.

Plan and preserve with Smarter FridgeCam - You’ll always know what you have and when things go bad. No more guesswork and less food waste.

My Electrolux Kitchen App

To ensure peace of mind while owning an Electrolux appliance download the My Electrolux Kitchen App. Here you will find user-friendly guides, making onboarding and product registration an effortless process. The app also works as an extension of your appliance, assisting you with remote monitoring and control as well as with organizing your favourite recipes.

Enjoy the full experience of your smart kitchen product.

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The extended family

Enjoy Hands-Free Control of your Electrolux appliance with Google Assistant.

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Get the most out of your appliance by connecting it to our partners

Discover an effortless cooking experience made possible together with our trusted partners.

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My Electrolux Care App

With the My Electrolux Care app, you can remotely control laundry appliances from your smartphone. Use the Care Advisor feature to get expert guidance on how to best clean your clothes. And with My Favourites, specific settings can be saved for the items you wear often.

Download My Electrolux Care App

Remote control

Use the My Electrolux Care app to start your laundry and check its status anywhere in your home. In the My Electrolux Care app, select your preferred washing cycle and select the Wi-Fi symbol. This will enable the Remote Start Mode. During the cycle, the app will display the status on the monitoring screen and notify you when the programme is finished. With the My Electrolux Care app you will stay in full control of your laundry.

Care Advisor

Don’t just wash and dry your clothes - care for them. Using the app, simply select fabric type, colour and soil level - and the My Electrolux Care app will recommend the best programme and send it to your machine automatically. It’s the smart way to care. Use the intuitive Care Advisor to make your clothes feel like new for longer – it provides expert care by always recommending the best programme for your garments.

Connected products

My Favourites

The personalized My Favourites means settings can be saved for the clothes you wear often. Personalize and tailor your laundry experience. Save your favourite settings including customized Care Advisor programmes using My Favourites. Store up to 6 washing and 6 drying programmes for quick access. Save time by cleaning your regularly worn garments with just one click.


Have questions about the My Electrolux Care app, our connected appliances or do you need assistance in setting up connectivity within your WiFi-network? Check out our FAQ for answers to the most common questions. Want to get started with the My Electrolux Care app and your connected appliance? Download our Quick Start Guide and get connected. 


  • Apple: Phone or Tablet. Minimum iOS 8.0 or later
  • Android: phone or tablet: Minimum Android 4.0.3 or later
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz with WEP, WPA or WPA2 AES/TKIP with internet connection.
  • Make sure the signal strength is strong enough in the location where the appliance will be installed.
  • In case this is far away from the Wi-Fi router, a network extender may be needed.

Increase your sense of wellbeing at home with connected home care appliances

A clean environment makes 81% of us happier* and now this is even easier with our well connected air and floor care appliances. Sit back and relax while feeling assured that the wellbeing of your home is taken care for you and your family.

*Hunting Dynasty, Clean Environment’s Impact on People’s Happiness, May 2019

Take control over your robot’s cleaning

In the app you can watch it move from room to room, clean the spaces that you have selected to skip yesterday or perhaps clean one particular space you want it to clean today.  The Pure i app takes major effort out of cleaning being the ultimate tool to monitor and control your floor cleaning at home with easy to follow steps.

Truly autonomous clean

The Pure i app is truly customizable to you. You can fully control the robot in the middle of cleaning, or just track it's progress from outside the house. You can also schedule regular cleaning. Whether it is weekly swipe that you are after, or daily clean of your beloved cat's fur. The robot will adapt to your needs, so you can come to a clean home every time. 

  • Remote controls

    Control the robot in the middle of cleaning.

  • Track progress

    Track the progress from outside the house. 

  • Cleaning schedule

    Schedule cleaning on a daily or weekly basis.