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  • DelicateCare
  • UltraCare
  • DualCare
  • SensiCare
  • Woolmark Blue
  • UltraCare
  • DualCare
  • SensiCare
  • Woolmark Blue
  • DualCare
  • SensiCare
  • Woolmark Blue

Energy and efficiency

Every Electrolux washer dryer is designed to significantly reduce energy and water usage while cleaning and caring for your clothes to the highest standards. The energy ratings for Electrolux washer dryers range from A to A-40%. That means that the highest rated Electrolux machines consume 40% energy less than the A rated one. Some technologies can contribute to better energy ratings. Those include inverter motors, SensiCare technology or DelicateCare, our heat-pump technology. 



Washer dryer dimensions

If you're short on space, you may want to consider a two-in-one washer dryer. Get most of the convenience of separate machines without sacrificing the space. There are two kinds of washer dryers: integrated and free-standing. Integrated, or built-in, units are covered with panelling when installed so the unit blends in with environments like your kitchen. 

Washer dryer capacity

Washer dryers have two capacities. The drying capacity is slightly smaller than the washing capacity because drying clothes require more space for air to circulate. 
Factors to be considered when looking at capacity:
Household size: large families versus single
Habits: how many times a week do you wash and dry?
Type and size of wash items: For example: bedlinens, duvets and curtains will require a larger drum for the best results. 

All Electrolux washer dryers are equipped with SensiCare technology. SensiCare uses advanced humidity and temperature sensors to adjust energy consumption for loads large and small. This saves time and money and ensures your clothes are protected. 

Smart connectivity

With the My Electrolux Care app, you can remotely control laundry appliances from your smartphone. Use the Care Advisor feature to get expert guidance on how to best clean your clothes. And with My Favourites, specific settings can be saved for the items you wear often.

2-in-1 programmes

Use wash-to-dry programmes to handle loads efficiently so that you can have ready-to-wear results on-demand with one seamless process. 


There is no such thing as "one-size-fits-all" laundry. Different people - and different fabrics - have different needs. That's why our washer dryers feature a range of programmes:

  • Dark blue delicate fabrics

    Safely clean and dry wool in one process. 

  • White shirt close-up

    Reduce creases from dry clothes or refresh and remove odours. 

  • A garment in a washer dryer

    Specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers. This programme removes micro-organisms thanks to a washing phase with the temperature maintained above 60°C for several minutes. This helps remove germs, bacteria, micro-organism and particles. An additional rinsing phase ensures a proper removal of detergent residues and pollens/allergenic items.

  • Waterdrops on dark blue fabric

    The DualSense Technology outdoor programme protects technical fabrics to preserve their texture over time. A dedicated drying cycle restores water repellency. 


Woolmark certification is a stamp of approval from the Woolmark Company. That means that all of our Electrolux washer dryers are gentle enough for wool - in both the washing and the drying cycles. 

DelicateCare - Customised cycles, tailored care

The DelicateCare system in combination with a built-in heatpump handles the garments gently at low temperatures adapted to each wash. This allows you to wash and dry outer jackets and outdoor garments, while restoring the water-repellent property. Even silk garments come out of the machine 50% less wrinkled. 

Whatever you wash and dry, you can be calm - the garments always come out of the machine ready to wear!

Silk garments emerge with up to 50% less creases*

 *Compared to air-drying.

Temperature and motion for exactly the correct care

The performance of a down jacket may deteriorate when washing and drying in a standard washer dryer. The DelicateCare System adjusts the temperature and the motion of the drum for exactly the correct care so the down keeps its fluffiness.

Fresh clothes with 96% less water*

*Use steam to refresh clothes and save more than 40l of water per cycle, tested on 1kg delicate garments using the FreshScent programme compared to using the Delicates programme.

FreshScent programme

UltraCare - the solution for clothing that lasts

The UltraCare System is unique to our washer dryer. It pre-mixes detergents and softener with water before they enter the drum. Meaning fabrics are more thoroughly cleaned, and that every fibre is reached and protected. Ensuring all your clothes look and feel like new for longer. 

Your signature look washed, dried and protected – in one go

When it comes to being confident, you need to know that the clothes that make you look and feel powerful are completely cared for. Now, you can trust the advanced PerfectCare 800 washer dryer with UltraCare System, assured that everything from tough outdoorwear to delicate garments will be better protected and last longer. It can clean your favourite outfit in one convenient dry-to-dry cycle, so that everything you buy, wear and love lasts noticeably longer. It's one streamlined solution for your signature look, with absolutely no compromose on care. 

Fabrics stay soft. Wash after wash.

Detergent and softener is pre-mixed and activated with water before entering the drum. This guarantees that every last inch of your garment is reached and cleaned because undissolved detergent leads to less effective cleaning. In fact, the UltraCare System evenly distributes softener twice as effectively as a traditional washing machine.

Fresh clothes with 96% less water*

*Use steam to refresh clothes and save more than 40l of water per cycle, tested on 1kg delicate garments using the FreshScent programme compared to using the Delicates programme.

FreshScent programme

Your effortless look washed, dried and cared for – in one go

That favourite pair of trousers that fit you just right. The cherished jumper that's always comfortable. They make you look and feel great, whatever you've got planned for the day ahead. Trust our innovative PerfectCare 700 washer dryer to keep everyday garments gorgeous in one convinient, dry-to-dry cycle. Making dressing a delight, whatever you're wearing, whatever you choose to do with your day.

Your clothes, cleaned and dried in one go

Our PerfectCare 700 washer dryer cleans your clothes in one convenient dry-to-dry cycle. Its DualCare system detects the fabric type and load weight, then adjusts the temperature and drum movement to provide the utmost care for every item. Ensuring fabrics look and feel like new for longer.

The ideal cycle settings with DualCare

Our DualCare System automatically adjusts cycles to fabric types and load weights. So that clothes can be cared for at just the right temperatures with optimised drum movements. Washing then drying in one streamlined process. So that each item retains its look, feel and quality over time. 

Fresh clothes with 96% less water*

*Use steam to refresh clothes and save more than 40l of water per cycle, tested on 1kg delicate garments using the FreshScent programme compared to using the Delicates programme.

FreshScent programme