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Factors determining the choice

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a new dryer.

For complete information on the product, please refer to the user manual.

Space and place

Regardless of which dryer you want to choose, it is worth checking whether it will fit in the space allocated for it. What space do you have at your disposal?

60 cm wide - enough space for a standard device.

Width below 60 cm - if you lack space, remember that you can easily mount the dryer on the washing machine with the help of our connector. You can also consider purchasing a 2-in-1 appliance, a washer / dryer.


How much clothes will you dry and how often in a week?

Less than 4 times - if you dry only a few small loads of laundry a week, a dryer with a load capacity of 4-6 kg is ideal.

4-6 times a week - the optimal device will be a device with a load capacity of 7 kg. It will also allow you to dry larger items (e.g. duvets).

More than 6 times - to save time, choose a dryer with a load capacity of more than 8 kg.

Expert tip: try not to overload the dryer - by leaving a little space in the drum, you will make the drying time faster. When in doubt, choose a dryer with more capacity than you need.


Take care of your favorite delicate items to keep them looking like new for a long time.

Delicate fabrics - choose a dryer with the DelicateCare system, which adjusts the temperature and drum movements to the type of fabric for optimal care and safe drying without the risk of shrinkage.

Wool - a Woolmark Blue or Woolmark Green certified device will be the right choice. These certificates confirm that even woolen fabrics can be safely dried in them.

Expert tip: If you want to keep your clothes fresh for longer, choose a PerfectCare dryer with the GentleCare system, which can dry your clothes at half the temperature of conventional dryers. Thanks to this, it is never subjected to excessive heat. This allows you to maintain the appropriate structure of fabrics for longer and significantly reduce energy consumption, as well as shorten the drying time. In addition, DelicateCare dryers restore the water resistance of clothes made of breathable fabrics.


Save energy and money by choosing an energy-saving dryer. The dryers are marked with the energy class from A to G (where A means the highest energy efficiency). The more efficient a dryer is, the more energy and money it will save, which translates into significant amounts over many years of use.

Another way to save energy is to choose the Electrolux PerfectCare dryer with SensiCare system, which measures the humidity of each load and adjusts the drying time accordingly to avoid overheating the fabrics. This saves time and energy.

Expert tip: In addition to the basic benefits of having a tumble dryer - saving time and space, our devices are able to take care of the most delicate clothes. Now you can even dry wool or silk without worrying about shrinkage or loss of shape. In addition, Electrolux PerfectCare dryers restore the water resistance of functional clothes.

Choose your device

From family-friendly appliances with large drums to sophisticated dryers that take care of even the finest garments, you are sure to find the perfect Electrolux tumble dryer for you.

Uniform drying results, perfect care

The CycloneCare system with 3DSense technology ensures perfect care of the garment. Now you can dry delicate silk shirts, fluffy woolen sweaters and warm multi-layer jackets with confidence. This unique drying technology is gentle on all fabrics.

Protects the appearance and warming properties *

* Retains the look and thermal insulation of down jackets 30% better than when dried in the open air.

DelicateCare - Your style, completely preserved

Our DelicateCare System is able to adjusts temperatures and drum movements to suit specific fabrics, meaning your clothes receive specialist care. Even woollens keep their shape and waterproofing is restored.

No shrinkage.* No shape-loss.

The wool will be less wrinkled compared to flat drying.

Now you can dry even the finest sweater. DelicateCare® technology adjusts the drum's movements until it stops completely, so that unnecessary rotation does not crease. Therefore, you can also dry pieces intended exclusively for hand washing.

Gentle drying prevents wear of the material and your clothes will last you in great condition for so long.

Water repellency*, retained and restored

*Better than air drying.

With our DelicateCare System the water repellency of your specialty outdoor wear is retained and restored, better than air-drying. DelicateCare adjusts the temperature and motion of the drum to protect the fabrics in outdoor wear, making sure they get just the right amount of heat. 

GentleCare - apģērbs izskatās gluži kā jauns

Atšķirībā no tradicionālajiem žāvētājiem, GentleCare sistēma žāvē apģērbu uz pusi zemākā temperatūrā, tādēļ jūsu apģērbs nekad netiks pakļauts nevajadzīgam karstumam. Tas palīdz saglabāt auduma tekstūru ilgāk, kā arī ievērojami samazina enerģijas patēriņu un žāvēšanas laiku.

Perfectly dried at half the temperature*

*Compared to drum air inlet temperature in conventional tumble dryers. 

Efficient Filter System

Our tumble dryer’s EcoFlow Filter System delivers energy-efficient drying, every time. The easy-to-clean filter circulates air, for consistently low energy consumption.

Woman reflection in mirror

SensiCare — ikdienas apģērbs, kas žāvēts ar rūpēm

SensiCare sistēma nosaka veļas mitruma līmeni, izmantojot īpašus sensorus un pielāgojot žāvēšanas laiku. Tas nozīmē, ka, pat žāvējot dažāda veida apģērbus, tie nekad nebūs pakļauti pārmērīgi lielam karstumam. Ietaupiet laiku un enerģiju, tajā pašā laikā sniedzot savām drēbēm tās rūpes, kas tām patiešām nepieciešamas.

Clothes feel like new for longer with SensiCare

SensiCare System identifies the moisture level of each load using special sensors and adjusts the drying time accordingly. Meaning even the smallest load is never exposed to too much heat. You can save time and energy while giving your clothes the care they need - whether a week's washing or that single jumper you simply must wear now.

Stacked - in your favour

Make the most of your space with our stacking kit. Stack your tumble dryer and washer securely without the need for additional fixings. A built-in sliding shelf makes loading and unloading effortless.