Avocados, Radish & Chili

Avocados, Radish & Chili

Avocado smash

Simple and delicious, this recipe is perfect when you need a quick and nutritious breakfast, snack or starter. Experiment with smashing or slicing the avocado before putting it on the bread for different textures. Radishes and chili add some spice.

Ingredients (serves: 4-6)

6 slices sourdough bread, cut in smaller bits
2 avocados
5 radishes cut in thin slices
100 g salad sprouts
Olive oil
Chili flakes to sprinkle on top
Sea salt
Fresh lime juice


Place the bread slices on a serving tray. Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, and slice the avocado into thin slices. Place the avocado on the bread and top with chili flakes, salad sprouts, radish and some salt. Squeeze lime juice over the top and serve.